Our Services​

Business Due Diligence & Research

Habadam Global Investments will conduct marketing research for businesses in all areas of needs. If any business requires any research in any sector of the economy, we have the expertise to provide the solutions.

Training & Recruitment

Habadam Global Investments will offer training in many fields of endeavour. We have recruited and still recruiting many experienced active and retired persons with expertise in any field for our training purposes.

Business Consultancy & Facilitation

This service provides consultancy services for businesses in the areas of their choice. With the enormous array of expertise in our database, we could pretty much meet everyone’s need.


Habadam Global Investments provides E-commerce solutions as well.

Asset Management

Habadam Global Investments will offer advice to individuals and businesses on how to manage their assets and other liquid assets. For those who have monies to invest, we will assist them in two folds.

Financial Advisory Services & Engineering

This service will offer advice to businesses on how to keep good records of their financial transactions and how to prepare their financial statements to make maximum use of them, filing of taxes, offer advice on various tax incentives among others.

Partnership, Consultancy & Job Opportunities

Business Due Diligence & Research

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Business Partnership

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